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The Liquids sprl website is intended to be a source of personal entertainment, information, education and as a forum for communication.
All data made available by the website may be downloaded exclusively for private use and as long as all rights are respected and taken into account. The contents of this website (text, graphics, audio or video data) may not be used, reused, altered, transferred for personal or business-related purposes. Access and use of the website are subject to the following website regulations and all applicable laws. By accessing the various pages of this website, you completely agree to the website terms of use and explicitly agree that other agreements reached between yourself and the Liquids sprl regarding the use of our internet site are replaced by these regulations. Overriding individual contractual agreements between the Liquids sprl and the customer remain unaffected.

Website terms of use

1. Please note that all graphics and text and/or graphical representations displayed on the website are protected by copyright unless otherwise noted and may not be used for any other purposes other than those explicitly described in these terms of use or on the website itself without written permission from the Liquids sprl. The Liquids sprl does not assume any responsibility or liability and does not guarantee that the contents displayed on the website does not violate the rights of third parties not belonging to the Liquids sprl or its affiliates.

2. Although the Liquids sprl Company makes every attempt to keep information on the website current and applicable, it remains non-binding information. For this reason, no assurances can be made, nor - subject to the limitations and (3) - can a guaranty and liability for the accuracy of the information made available here be made.

3. The LIQUIDS sprl Company shall not be liable for any damages due to contractual, quasi-contractual, tortious or other legal grounds for negligent breaches of duty as long as these do not affect contract-applicable liabilities and/or as long as they do not concern damage to life, the body or heath. The same applies for breaches of duty for our performance aids. Other legally binding intended liability claims remain unaffected, especially according to product liability law. To avoid an unwished data loss, we recommend taking adequate precautions, especially making backup copies of all data and programs on a daily basis.

4. Unless we are made aware to the contrary, we will not regard messages, notifications, information, questions, comments or other data sent to our website per e-mail or in any other form as confidential and we will not treat your data as your intellectual property. All material sent to the website becomes the property of the Liquids sprl Company and may be freely used by the aforementioned for including, but not limited to, reproduction, notification, publication, reproduction and appropriation. In addition, the Liquids sprl Company may have free access to ideas, concepts, know-how or usage contained within contents of the website including, but not limited to, development, the production and marketing of products through use of this information.
The previous does not apply to SMS text messages or e-mails sent by the user to addressees of his or her choosing via this website. Claims made by the user based on intellectual or industrial property rights remain unaffected.

5. Graphics and/or graphical representations displayed on this website are the intellectual property of the Liquids Sprl Company or will be used with the applicable permission from the owner. The use of these graphics and/or graphical representations by yourself or other persons for anything other than private use - subject to individual contractual agreements - is not permitted as long as no agreements to the contrary have been made either within these terms of use and/or anywhere else on the website. The unauthorized use of use can violate intellectual and/or industrial property rights, e.g. copyrights, trademark rights, personal rights, publicity rights and legal reproduction regulations/clauses.

6. Trademarks displayed on this website represent intellectual property of the Liquids Sprl Company or other parties. The customer is prohibited from using any of these trademarks other than for personal purposes without explicit written agreement with the Liquids Sprl Company or with third party bailees. The same applies for other content of this website for which the Liquids Sprl Company or third parties are entitled to intellectual and/or industrial trademarks. The use of trademarks displayed on this website or other content of this website for any other purposes other than those named in the website terms of use is strictly prohibited. The Liquids Sprl Company would like you to note that they will achieve acceptance of the protection of their trademark rights without any limitations, including criminal prosecution.

7. We would like to explicitly note that any links, banners or other reachable foreign content on the Liquids Sprl Company's website that the Liquids Sprl Company does not have any influence on the design and/or the content of the linked pages and thus does not regard the contents of these pages as its own. The pageslinked to at the time at which we created the link were checked for possible illegal content, but the Liquids Sprl Company has no influence on the current or future design and the contents of the linked foreign websites. The Liquids Sprl Company therefore explicitly distances itself from the contents and design of any linked websites as long as these were changed following the time at which the link was created. Furthermore, we would like to note that it is, of course, impossible for the Liquids Sprl Company to check foreign websites which link to our website. Liquids Sprl Company is therefore not responsible for the content of these foreign sites. If you have been directed to the Liquids Sprl Company website via a link, you follow this link at your ownrisk.

8. Although the Liquids Sprl Company checks and monitorsdiscussions, chats, provided news, transmissions, bulletin board, etc. displayed on the website when necessary, it is in no way liable and assumes no responsibility or liability for the contents of communication forums, neither for mistakes, defamations, libel, slander, omission, labefaction of reputation, obscenities, pornography, religious transgressions, dangers nor for inaccuracy of the information in the communication forums on the website. You are prohibited from transferring or providing illicit, menacing, libelous, defamatory, obscene, objectionable, provocative, pornographic or denigrating material or materials as news that depicts criminal behavior or that prompts criminal behavior or which violates other legal regulations. Liquids Sprl Company works together with the public authorities and courts that request or direct the Liquids Sprl Company to reveal the identity of a person who conveyed such information or material available or who made such information or material available as news. According to (8), Liquids Sprl Company reserves the right to delete illegal material without further explanation. In addition, the Liquids Sprl Company reserves the right to forbid users who violate these terms of use and especially (8) from services offered within the framework of this website. Liquids Sprl Company notes that neither entries made by users on the website nor SMS/text messages or e-mails sent from a user to an addressee via this website represent the opinion of the Liquids Sprl Company .

9. If you make your mobile number and/or e-mail address publiclyavailable within the boundaries of the services offered through this website, note that the Liquids Sprl Company is in no way responsible for resulting consequences, especially for receiving undesired calls and/or e-mails from third parties.

10. The Liquids Sprl Company retains the right at all times to change the existing website Terms of use through updates on this page. You are bound to these changes and should thus open this page in periodic intervals in order to inform yourself about the current website Terms of use.

Personal data / General

The Liquids Sprl Company respects the informational right of self-determination as well as person-related data of all individuals who visit this website. The following clauses establish which individual-related data the Liquids Sprl Company may collect and for which purposes these data may be employed. Supplementary information relating to the purposes of use may be found in different locations in this website. The Liquids Sprl Company will obtain your consent regarding storage and usage is required according to legal clauses where necessary on the appropriate pages of this website. You may, of course, either partially or completely, as well as for the future, revoke your consent given to the Liquids Sprl Company at any time by sending an e-mail to the Liquids Sprl Company . We will then delete your applicable data.

Personal data / Specifics

The Liquids Sprl Company only saves and distributes information that may be used to reconstruct individual identities (e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail address ("personal data")) within the boundaries of the applicable legal clauses. This means that the Liquids Sprl Company may collect, process and use your personal data as long as they are not required for the substantiation,contextual design and change of the contractual relationship with regard to the use of the website and its services and offers provided.
Furthermore, the Liquids Sprl Company may collect, process and use your personal data if needed to take advantage of services offered on the website. Liquids Sprl Company does not collect any personal data via this website as long as these data are not voluntarily made available to us and as long as you have not submitted your declaration of consent on the corresponding location in the menu. Your data will this not be related to advertising or marketing research purposes. If you make your personal data available to us, we will use these data as follows, as long as no other agreements are met: as long as you have given us the appropriate consent before data collection, the Liquids Sprl Company or a service provider commissioned by the Liquids Sprl Company will save and modify your personal data within the framework of the website terms of use. Furthermore, your personal data will be related to the purpose named in the statement of consent and deleted immediately afterward. The data will naturally be treated in a confidential manner and will not be transferred to third parties. Your statement of consent for the Liquids Sprl Company may be revoked at any time and will be effective for the future. We in no way, neither currently nor in the future, intend to sell, distribute or market personal data to third parties.

Information automatically saved to your computer (cookies)

Please note that we solely save cookies for non-person related tracking and exclusively for the duration of the respective session. After the session is ended, all cookies will be automatically deleted and any relations to individuals will not be created. The settings or preferences section of your browser allows you to block cookies or to receive a warning before a cookie is displayed. You will find further information about these topics in your browser's help section or technical documentation.